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Composition to Regensen College in Copenhagen


Regensen is the most known student college in Denmark. It was build in 1623 by King Christian the 4.th in the center of Copenhagen just beside the Round Tower ( Rundetaarn). The students are both getting apartment and monthly salary contribution. One of the bigger rooms ( The Fence Room ) has for centuries been used for fence training, but also for parties and concerts.
The picture shown is 390 x 90 cm. Was painted in 1965 with oil colours on thick canvas. Was placed on one of the walls in the Fence Room for about 40 years, but due to changes in the use of the room it is now placed in my new atelier in Raageleje.
The composition is the colours seen in a forest during 24 hours with the sharp sun in the middle – among the students equal to the years as student in Regensen.


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